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Designed for the Professionnals

Did you ever needed to deploy furniture to an event, fare or to furnish a seasonal business?

Then you surely know the pain of the logistics, storage, man power and riemplacement cost when its ruined. Inflatables are the dream…But they come with a poor life expectancy. Futhermore, they got that «bubbly look» not suiting everyone!

We tackled this issue and engineered our sofa lines. We believe we found that perfect balance in between strenght, praticity, elegance and ergonomy…
A real new breathe!

Just use it Anywhere

The military grade composite we use to make our inflatables are not just an aesthetic choice.

Indeed, our furniture structures are resisting up to 15 years in arsh outdoor environments (UV, water, etc..). Also, it is very stable from a wide range of temperatures. This is ideal to furnish extreme events or difficult to access places going from deserts to snowy mountain tops.

Strong & Classy for any purpose

Our technology allow us to do the impossible: meet great aesthetics and confort with excellent inflatable properties. This make it the ideal candidate for all those businesses and more:

  • Event Organisers & Furniture Renters
  • Hospitality & Seasonal Businesses
  • Outdoor Leasure & Sport Events
  • Corporate & Retails
  • Fares & Weddings
  • […]

We know that design is not all, so you probably understood now that we made sure that it can resist the most intense use professionnals can expect from it.