Incredible Features

  • Designed with care

    High end, beautiful, designed inflatables for tasteful people

  • Military Grade

    Pattented furniture resisting the most intense uses, pressure and weight

  • Money Saver

    Save money on shipping, delivery, storage, man power and maintenance.

  • Outdoor resilience

    Resist up to 15 years to the rain, sun, salt, bacteries and fungus.

  • Extreme compacity

    A 3 seater in a box no greater than a microwave of 70*50*40cm? yes!

  • Sustainable Solution

    Up to 1300% carbon footprint reduction, long lasting, repairable and cradle to cradle

EOLA 2 seater

Weight: 23 Kg

Packaging Size: L80 x l45 x h40 cm

Sofa Size: L1750x l75 x h75 cm

EOLA Armchair

Weight: 16 Kg

Packaging Size: L80 x l40 x h30 cm

Sofa Size: L1000x l75 x h75 cm

VENTURA 3 seater

Weight: 21 Kg

Packaging Size: L80 x l45 x h40 cm

Sofa Size: L220x l75 x h75 cm

VENTURA 2 seater

Weight: 19 Kg

Packaging Size: L80 x l40 x h35 cm

Sofa Size: L175x l75x h75 cm

VENTURA Armchair

Weight: 11 Kg

Packaging Size: L75 x l30 x h20 cm

Sofa Size: L75x l75 x h75 cm


Weight: 9 Kg

Packaging Size: L75 x l40 x h15 cm

Sofa Size: L75x l75 x h38 cm

VENTURA Coffee Table

Weight: 8 Kg

Packaging Size: L80x l30 x h30 cm

Sofa Size: L140x l80 x h60 cm


Weight: 5 Kg

Packaging Size: L60 x l30 x h20 cm

Sofa Size: L180x l60 x h35 cm

Outdoor Living Made Easy

Our timeless designs are both versatile and respecting good aesthetics. We made it so you can't go wrong with them, in every case scenario.

We choosed to develop a super-inflatable to make a superior product, also in confort. Imagine that you could tune the seats to your ideal softness? That would be perfect... Don't look further, you can do it with our sofas!

Our seat's technology is even more stable than the traditional furniture. It is so stable dimentionaly that you can put a glass of wine on the seat of our sofas, it will stand still perfectly. Also, our seats don't get deformed with time and use.
Finally, we made our design just heavy enough so you can carry it easely, but not the wind.

Every seat come with a detachable cover. Any fabric, color or print can be choosen to stick to the last trends, desires or needs for change. Parts such as the legs will also be available in defferent materials and colors, making it one of the most customisable sofa available on the market.

Why the pro's need it

We believe that having an edge on the market is simply not enough. We prefer to deliver game changers and global solutions.

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” –Michael Porte

Your time is the best asset you have and we value that. We made it astonishingly easy to use and handle our products. Besides, our long lasting designs allow you to quickly order and change any parts separatly, through a top notch customer service.

"Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time." Jim Rohn

No middle men, no excessive fees and inflated prices, no quality sacrifices....We work with the industry leaders and they are as reliable as clockwork.

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." Charles Kettering

Cut logistic fees, forget storage costs, hire less manpower, repair and customise, follow the trends at low cost... We made it so you can breathe!

"Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference." Barack Obama

PRE-ORDER or press enquiries

To receive our catalog if you are pro, or any press enquiries, please fill in the form and we will be back under 24Hours